Zig Zag Paver Mould interlocking / Rubber Paver Mould

ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould

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ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould

We are reputable producers and suppliers of “ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould”, ZigZag forms / ZigZag Paver Mould . These ZigZag forms / ZigZag , interlocking concrete Pavers Block making machines in india, Paver Block making Machines in Delhi NCR ,  , hydro-Vibro Press with Hydraulic technology its a fast production technology  , we have a multi purpose machine for making all kinds of paver blocks,  Concrete Hollow blocks , paver blocks for foot path , concrete paver blocks for pathway , concrete  paver blocks for car parking’s , , Rubber Mould for wet-casting,   , High Strength plastic Moulds for precast concrete blocks,  , zebra shape plastic paver moulds, , Damroo shape plastic paver moulds, , cosmic paver moulds, . Paver Mould are manufactured high quality raw materials. Moreover, the products on the whole are used in various industrial applications. Furthermore, the ( ZigZag forms / ZigZag Paver Mould ) products offered much admired for their durability, reliable performance and easy maintenance. Moreover these are available in various sizes and designs for clients.

Zig-Zag forms / Zig-Zag Paver Mould Technical data :-

 ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould – ZigZag Paver Plastic Mould Dimension :- 250 mm x 125 mm
ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould – ZigZag Paver Plastic Mould  Height :- 40mm/ 60mm / 80mm / 100 mm
ZigZag Rubber forms for Concrete Blocks / ZigZag Paver Mould Textures :- ant / Stone
Area Coverage 100sqft = 288pcs

ZigZag Paver Rubber Mould – ZigZag Paver Plastic Mould

SRI KRISHNA PLASTO make high Quality wet- casting mould, for High Glossy finish use our PVC Rubber interlocking Paver mould for concrete paver block.

Our concrete paver block making machines and concrete chemicals best in class ,  our chemicals giving very fast initial setting time of cement, its increased initial setting time of cement approx 2-4 time of the normal initial setting time of cement .