The Advantages of Modular Pavers

The Advantages of Modular Pavers

Modular pavers have the unique ability of transferring loads and stresses over large areas of paving, by means of a “bridging” action between the individual units. Such spreading of the load allows heavier weights and traffic over sub bases which normally would require concrete that is heavily reinforced with steel.

Most solid modular pavers are available in varieties of patterns and colors which allow designers to pave areas in interesting designs and for specific purpose :-

  • Permanently mark parking bays, cross walks, traffic lanes and other identified areas.
  • Street repair is simplified, as street can be opened for such activity as utility line repair and the pavers replaced to their original appearance without the need of additional patching materials.
  • The use of the open type stones in ecologically sensitive areas provides one solution to the increasing concern for the environment. Use of  “grass pavers” helps return rainfall back into the ground rather than have it run off as waste.
  • Properly installed, pavers resist shifting, sinking or buckling, providing an excellent surface for walking, bicycling and driving cars, trucks, even fork lifts.

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