Moduler Pavers

Over two thousand years ago, the mighty Romans developed a simple system for building roads which helped them control much of their world. A marvel or its time, some are in use still today.

The system consisted of a well compacted base of limestone (or lime and gravel), covered with a tight fitting cut stone, which produced an excellent and economical roadway that remained virtually maintenance free in all types of weather.

The Romans used natural, cut stone for their surface; today’s modern paving stone is manufactured of high-strength “no-slump” concrete in a modern precast concrete plant, under controlled conditions which produce units in many shapes and colors.

There are two types of concrete paving stones : solid interlocking units used in paving roads,sidewalks, parking areas, and other public spaces; and an open type which allows the growing of grass and is used in soil stabilization projects in recreational areas, along highways, parking areas and storage areas.

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