mechanical concrete paver installation

Mechanical Concrete Paver Installation

The recent emergence of mechanical installation in North America, has given the paving stone the opportunity to be a viable alternative to asphalt and poured concrete. Substantial time and cost savings are attained as a result of this concept.

There are several manufacturers of installation machines represented in North America. Some,but not all of these machines, can be used on any size of job site. Often, driveways and sidewalks are installed just as economically as parking lots and container terminals.

Usually, one operator and one assistant are capable of installing 5,000 – 6,000 square feet per day.The physical demands on the crew have been minimized which takes on added importance when working in inclement weather conditions.

Consistent joint spacing is easy to attain, since the clamps on the machines always exert the same amount of pressure when they grab each layer. The same cannot be said for a large crew installing manually, where each man has a different technique.

Most of the available machines can install all shapes and sizes of pavers with equal ease, provided the pavers are produced in a laying configuration. Due to their compact size and light weight, the smaller more efficient machines do not damage the uncompacted surface on which they operate.

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