Five key elements make up paving

Five key elements make up paving

  1. Sub-grade – the natural earth material found on site.
  2. Sub-base – a layer of gravel.
  3. Sand bedding – a layer of graded sand.
  4. Pavers – the surface wearing course.
  5. Edge restraint -the support used around the perimeter of the paving.


– Decide on the area you want to open.

– Select the type of surface, color, and pattern placement.

– If it is possible to vary the size or configuration to take advantage of the use of multiple roles edge
as possible.

– Check the sub to determine whether a sub-base required.

– Completion of the design of the road, including drainage and retraints tip.

– Calculate the set of all necessary materials.

– Ensure delivery of materials and equipment.


With plaster, as with all types of paving, adequate drainage for a good performance is necessary. Water accumulation or discharge of the soil and of the ground material in the road surface Cause order and the ultimate failure of the roadway. If areas of poorly drained
Drain or underground sewer framework is often needed to remove water from the road Bases.

Experience has also shown that, despite the grainy texture of the scattering for the installation, it is Low penetration of water through the joints between the slabs and silver are also for surface drainage. It is recommended that all Patches Reviews chopped 2% (1/4 “per foot) (20mm per meter)

Some accepted methods of drainage are illustrated.